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Home Automation

Smart Property Automation

  • Secure your Property

  • Saves you money

  • Add Value to your home

  • Customize to your needs

  • Makes your life easy

  • Gives peace of mind

Make the most of your home with our Automation Services


How Automation will help in securing my house?

Automation brings the control of access and surveillance to the palm of your hand. It integrates all the access points to your house into one sleek app installed on your smart phone, where by you can actively keep watch of your house from anywhere in the world.

How Does Doorbell Cameras work?

Video doorbell cameras are considered smart doorbells because they don’t just chime. They send push notifications to your phone when someone’s at your door, They

provide two-way communication with people at your door and also alert you when a person or a package is on your porch or in your yard.

Do We Need to Rewire to Install Smart Doorbell?

A doorbell camera can get power through existing doorbell wires or a rechargeable battery pack, but the reconfiguration of the existing wiring may be needed and professional installation is recommended.

How Does Smart Door Locks work?

A smart door lock replaces the traditional key with either a digital key or NFC (Near Field Communication) device. It gives you access to generate codes both permanent and temporary like you need to give access to cleaning staff every Monday 10-3 for six months and also you need to give your kids access to the home lock permanently you can do both of the works simultaneously on the same lock, in fact you can create unlimited number of lock codes to suit your needs. Each access to the door lock is registered to provide insight on the usage of the lock by the code holder. The smart door locks gives you control of your house access remotely from around the world when connected to your home wi-fi network.

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Smart thermostats use Wi-Fi to connect with an app on your phone. Through the app, you can schedule when your heat or cooling turns on, adjust the temperature of your house no matter where you are. In more advanced models, you can also do a geo tagging in your thermostats where by the thermostat can get your GPS positioning and turn the air-conditioning/heating on/off as you approach the house.

How Does Smart Irrigation Controls Work?

Smart irrigation controls use Wi-Fi to connect with an app on your phone. Through the app, you can schedule when your sprinklers turns on, adjust the duration and sequence. Optionally you can connect rain sensors to sense rain and skip automatically.

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